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Bruce Ratner, Ph.D. - president of DM STAT-1 CONSULTING - provides data mining and statistical services in the DM Space (direct, database and online marketing, customer relationship management, business intelligence, and knowledge discovery, and information technology). Bruce's par excellence consulting expertise assures: his client's marketing decision problems will be solved with the optimal problem-solution methodology; rapid start-up and timely delivery of projects results; and, the client's projects will be executed with the highest level of statistical practice. Bruce is active in the DM Space as a frequent lecturer and instructor of statistical modeling and analysis, and data mining. He is an often-invited speaker at private organizations to present his cutting-edge solutions to common business problems for superior results.

Bruce's clients span all industries: Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Publication & Circulation, Mass & Direct Advertising, Catalog Marketing, Online Marketing, Web-mining, B2B, Human Capital Management, Risk Management, and Nonprofit Fundraising. Some of his clients include Citibank, American Express TRS, American Express Corporate Services, P&G, AT&T, MCI, T.Rowe Price, Allstate Life Insurance, Novus, BMG, Reader's Digest, and JCPenney Catalog and Life Insurance.

Dr. Ratner's latest book Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Database Marketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data is a best-seller within its content domain based on Amazon's Sales Rank since its publication (June 2003). Bruce is also the co-author of The New Direct Marketing: How to Implement A Profit-Driven Database Marketing Strategy, a text widely studied by database marketing practitioners, and the author of the DM STAT-1 Newsletter, the only online information exchange about quantitative methods in the DM-space.

Bruce has a doctorate in statistics, and a self-interest in developing hybrid statistics-machine learning methodologies. He is the inventor of the GenIQ Model©, an alternative to the logistic and ordinary regression models, that optimizes the decile table/gains chart.

Updates of the DM STAT-1 Newsletter, as well as a library of Dr. Ratner's articles on modelling techniques, can be accessed on the Web at dmstat1 dot com.

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