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DM STAT-1 CONSULTING has a proven paradigm for successful project completion.

  1. A project is put into a "task-line," which delineates the proposed analysis and modelling strategy. This provides background for the client's understanding of preliminary, intermediate and final results. Also, it gives the client a road map from which to oversee the project course: redirecting the project if unexpected findings occur along the way or redefining the objectives if shifts in marketing conditions prevail.

  2. We present a companion timeline with milestones for client approval. This insures a timely delivery of results. Sign-offs are required at each milestone, which serve as a safety measure for keeping on track with our proposed analytical strategy, assuring our in-progress assumptions are valid, and preventing the elimination of key variables.

  3. Project results are delivered with a cogent, user-friendly presentation, and are supported by a "paper trail" statbook. Implications are thoroughly discussed, and next steps are reviewed. Implementation is outlined and complemented with easy-to-follow documentation; follow-through support is given until in-house procedures are verified.

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