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Jean Yu, PMP, is a proven IT Leader with in-depth technical and project management leadership experience across the entire project cycle to drive corporate revenues and enhance customer relationships. Jean’s unique strength is in design, development, implementation and maintenance of multi-millions large-scale integrated applications and databases across multiple platforms; strong knowledge and understanding of business needs, with the ability to establish and maintain a high level of trust and confidence across all levels of an organization. Jean’s seventeen years of IT leadership experience includes a track record of multi-years, multi-millions dollar enterprise projects in Insurance, Finance and Automotive industries. She holds a MBA in Finance/Marketing and MS in Computer Science, and is Six Sigma and PMI certified. Jean's technical skills are:

  • Hardware: SUN, IBM
  • Software Tools: Oracle, Windows & NT, SAS, C, COBOL, Cognos, Rapidus, Business Object, MS Project, MS Excel, Unix, Merge/Purge, Informatica ETL tool, Kintana, Six Sigma, CRM packages, Project Management tools
  • Training: HTML, Java, OLAP