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DM STAT-1 CONSULTING is focused on results, providing insightful analyses and reliable models for varied DM objectives.

  1. Build client-specific response models.
  2. Build client-specific profit models.
  3. Build client-specific lifetime value models.
  4. Build client-specific risk models.
  5. Build client-specific credit scoring models.
  6. Build client-specific web-traffic models.
  7. Build client-specific balanced scorecard models.
  8. Build client-specific retention models.
  9. Build client-specific attrition models.
  10. Build client-specific acquisition models.
  11. Build client-specific cross-sell/up-sell models.
  12. Build client-specific zipcode-based models.
  13. Build client-specific customer segmentation models.
  14. Build client-specific look-alike models.
  15. Build client-specific b2b lead-generation models.
  16. Build client-specific b2b contact-conversion models.
  17. Build client-specific b2b segmentation models.
  18. Increase response and sales while reducing mailing costs.
  19. Eliminate multiple solicitations while maintaining response, sales levels.
  20. Increase customer retention.
  21. Minimize churn-maximize profit segmentation.
  22. Increase sales of high-margin products.
  23. Increase greater customer affinity.
  24. Improve cash flow by evaluating customer credit worthiness.
  25. Match products with customer needs.
  26. Identify individual customer profiles for loyalty, profitability and risk.
  27. Build RFM variables based on ownership patterns for targeting and modelling.
  28. Assess the value of different types of data sources including internal customer information, attitudinal and lifestyle information, and geo-demographic information.
  29. Estimate lifetime value for individual customers and prospects for acquisition.
  30. Identify loyal and occasional users of products based on prior-purchase history segmentation.
  31. Build a geographic segmentation for micro marketing to: determine current and potential sales; track shopper performance against potential.
  32. Build a Customer Acquisition-Retention-Development Modelling System.
  33. Build winback models.
  34. Build segmentation model based on lifetime value for retention programs.
  35. Build segmentation model for new business acquisition.
  36. Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities based on a multiple-purchase probability model.
  37. Build zipcode models for front-end response and back-end sales.
  38. Increase the efficiency of rented lists for mail order cataloguers.
  39. Build selection models for charity donations and fundraising.
  40. Identify factors that effect loyalty: what needs to be done to retain customers.
  41. Estimate the probability of a customer buying within a bundle of products: what products each customer is most likely to buy.
  42. Build lead generation models.
  43. Build inquiry-conversion models.
  44. Maximize profit from solicitations.
  45. Determine the optimal channel (DM, OTM) for prospects and existing customers.
  46. Identify marketing opportunity based on changes in customer behavior; changes in product purchase consumption levels.
  47. ...

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