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Statistical Modeling &, and Data Mining
for Marketing Managers and Analysts

~ One-Day Course ~

I. Introduction to Data Analysis and Modelling
  A. What is a model?
  B. Types of models
  C. Performance criterion
  D. Modelling methods
  E. Modelling process
II. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Data Mining (DM)
  A. What are EDA and DM?
  B. Preparing the data
  C. Data reduction
  D. Identifying patterns
III. Modern Methods of Testing
  A. Common testing rules
  B. Statistical test designs
IV. Primer on Segmentation
  A. Why and what is segmentation?
  B. Types of segmentation model
  C. Excuting a segmentation
  D. Cases Study
V. New Approaches - Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining (KDD)
  A. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methods
  B. Hyrid AI-Statistics Models

574 Flanders Drive / North Woodmere, NY 11581 / U S A
Voice 1-516-791-3544 / Fax 1-516-791-5075
Toll Free 1 800 DM STAT-1